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Testimonial - Thiru

Specially written by Ms Janice

IGCSE Add Maths (0606) Notes —> Sample

Relative Velocity

(Out of IGCSE Add Maths syllabus for examination 2020 onward)

Summary Notes - Vectors

Summary Notes - Relative Velocity

IGCSE Mathematics (0580) Notes —> Sample

Transformation involving Matrices

(Out of IGCSE Mathematis syllabus for examination 2020 onward)

Summary Notes - Transformation


IGCSE Add Maths (0606) – Summary Notes

1 Functions

2 – Quadratic Functions (Available)

3 Equations, inequalities and graphs

4 Indices and surds

5 Factors of polynomials

6 Simultaneous equations

7 Logarithmic and exponential functions

8 Straight line graphs

9 Circular measure

10 Trigonometry

11 Permutations and combinations

12 Series

13 Vectors in two dimensions

14 Differentiation and integration

14B – Integration (Available)


IGCSE Mathematics (0580) – Summary Notes

E1 Number

E2 Algebra and graphs

E3 Coordinate geometry

E4 Geometry

E5 Mensuration

E6 Trigonometry

E7 Vectors and transformations

E8 Probability

E9 Statistics



Good websites:

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Good topical compilation although it isn’t complete.

IGCSE past papers photocopy available by topical.