How to Score A*

Rule #1 : BELIEVE that Add Maths is EASY.


Everything and anything is DOABLE. It is difficult, because you have not learnt how to do it. If you still do not believe it, start by SAYING IT. When you say that frequent enough, your subconscious mind will BELIEVE IT AS IT IS.

Rule #2 : DO something, ANYTHING.


If you sit there BELIEVING that Add Maths is easy and WAIT to get a grade A* results, you are INSANE. Law of attraction doesn’t work that way, it is a Myth that most people believe and wonder why it doesn’t work on them. I am not asking you to WORK HARD, but I am asking you to WORK SMART. Take note, it still have the word “WORK” in it!

Rule #1 + Rule #2 = GRADE A*

VISION + ACTION = RESUTLS !!  *Just as simple as that!


 100% is possible, 100% of the time.